Co Solutions is pleased to present to you the latest generation of products from the “decking WPC” group


Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, high-quality materials and special processing of the surface, CODECK is one of the most reliable and high-quality products that look identical to natural wood but have a longer lifecycle, without much efforts, and a broad application.

CODECK is the latest entirely ecological system which is a combination of 70% natural wood and 30% high-quality polymers and special components. The system has passed different product tests before adding coziness and emotion to your premises and garden.

The use of innovative technology in combining the beauty and warmth of natural wood with the durable polymer products and special components makes the product CODECK more stable than the other similar in type products that are offered on the market, resistant to UV lights, mould, fungi and pigment. This system does not require any painting, impregnation or grinding at all.

CODECK is a green material made up of non-polluting and non-toxic renewable products.


    • Easy fitting
    • Easy maintenance
    • Surface firmness
    • Durability and strength
    • Mousture resistant
     • Anti-slip
    • Not deformed under large temperature differences
    • Does not cultivate any mould and fungi, or any wood-destroying insects
    • Implementation of design solutions


It may be used for floorings, as well as for facades, vertical surfaces, decorative wall covering and decorative ceilings.
    • It is an excellent solution for terraces, outdoor spaces around the house, swimming-pool, office or hotel
    • Yards, gardens, parks and alleys
    • Places of entertainment
    • Floorings around trees
    • Benches, summer houses, small bridges, kennels
    • Bathrooms
    • Saunas
    • Aquaparks, stadiums, sports halls
    • Public buildings
    • It allows the recession of different light fixtures
    • Facades, vertical surfaces and decorative wall covering. An individual fitting project is developed in accordance with the climate conditions and the building.

CODECK is offered in 6 standard colours and 4 types of surfaces

To turn your ideas into reality, we can manufacture CODECK in a colour which will perfectly fit your design.


CODECK is offered together with all necessary profiles, fitting and decorative elements.