My Mosaic

This is a unique product, ttotally customizable product, using a patented self-extinguishing nano-polymer to give depth and geometry to a printed image. Any digital image available can be used to create the most breathtaking effects on walls, furnitures, floors. The wide application makes it the most attractive decorative product of the 21st century.

The patented nanotechnology based self-extinguishing polymer is certified to be used in critical environment conditions and it is fully compliant with safety regulations on public places.


With only 2 mm of thickness My Mosaic can be applied onto all surfaces, particularly –in case of renovation – onto existing tile or covering.


With only 1,2kg/m2 My Mosaic can be applied onto all surface, particularly onto drywalls, ceilings, furniture, elevators and all those materials with law weight – bearing characteristics.


My Mosaic is flexible and capable of wrapping around curved shapes.


The patented self-extinguishing nano – polymer is outdoor resistant and highly durable in time. My Mosaic can be applied in any environments: from the outside of buildings to pools; from spas to bathrooms, etc.

My Mosaic is the result of an on-going 40-years experience in the most advanced technological development of materials and images; the outcome is a creative and unique mosaic.

The new instruments available nowadays have led to the application of nanotechnology and My Mosaic has thus developed polymers featuring extraordinary technical specifications.

The evolution of digital image processing has given way to an exeptional freedom in communication My Mosaic is therefore pure expression of our generation and of what we can tell through technology combined with art.

A little imagination and everything is different!