StoneArt, a creative brand of decorative wall panels, with its light structure can easily be applied to all areas interior and exterior except floor.
StoneArt has a wide application – tourism establishments, houses, spas, restaurants, shopping malls, stores etc.

Following technological changes continuously to become one step ahead in manner of innovative technologies we are targeting to provide the best and the newest products to our customers.

General Specification

• Artstone has a real stone-like look and feel.
• Produced of fiberglass, polyester mastic and natural stone dust.
• It is not PVC, MDF or natural stone.
• Non-flammable.
• Provides ultraviolet protection, doesn’t get affected from harmful rays.
• It is light; the average weight is 6-7 kg/m2.
• It is thin and durable.
• Durable against damage.
• It is easy to clean and washable. The color does not bleach.
• It is not affected by water and humidity.
• It can be cut according to the required dimensions.
• It can be applied to every kind of surface with screws and dowels, including walls and ceilings.
• It does not include any carcinogenic materials, does not harm human health and nature.
• Our offerings include lots of different stone types like concrete, tile and brick appearance


• Artstone has a natural stone effect with its appearance and texture. It shows the same performance with natural stone and eliminates the disadvantages of natural stone at the same time.

• It can be easily used on any surface.
• It eliminates the extra costs like painting and insulation.
• It does not get affected from water and humidity. It can be easily applied to the surfaces that were affected by these conditions before.
• It eliminates the unfavorable conditions like bar development on the surface, regional breaks and fragmentation that often occur within natural stone applications.
• It can be mounted to every surface, it never affects the static, and it does not put any extra weight on the surface as it is very light. Also, through its easy-to-demount specification it decreases the demounting costs to a minimum.
• It can be drilled and cut. Any decorative material can be hung on it.
• By forming columns and arches from profiles you can easily create partition walls, fireplaces or vaults.
• It is very easy to install. With the help of screw and dowel the mounting can be realized in a very short time. It is a practical and impressive solution that saves construction time – important for companies like hotels, SPA centers, café & restaurants and stores that often need decorative modifications but have to be productive soon.
• It does not make any harm on the surfaces it is applied to, except screw holes.
• It does not cause any construction dirt (sand, cement etc.) around and does not make any damage to the environment.
• It does not require any permission for construction and building.
• Different shapes can be applied due to its flexible structure.
• Due to its lightness, it can be mounted to portable stands

Now, It is easier to enjoy your dream world!